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About Us
GSM Antennas is a family business primarily focused on strong customer service and value for money

Increase bandwidth and reception with our wide range of 2, 3 and 4G antennas covering 800 to 2700MHz for both indoors and outdoors - fixed installations or on the move.

Our History

GSM-Antennas was established in 2003 and during that time we have sold thousands of GSM Repeaters, Antennas, cable tester and lots more to many of our customers around the world. We are based in South East of England and we supply both throughout the UK and Internationally. We make sure that all our products are thoroughly tested so that we can ensure that your product is top quality. Our cost effective solutions can be used in industrial locations to provide a signal in buildings which block anotherwise strong signal, or in the home too where there may be reception issues in a part of the house.